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Because it shouldn't be hard to find your favourite memories

You have shoe boxes of photos, two old laptops in the basement, the cloud, hard drives, USB sticks, your phone and your social media account, it's hard to find what is important.

memoryKPR helps you gather all the important pieces into one place, where you can add meaningful context (text, voice, video, images) to keep it safe. The best part - we integrate with all these partners so you can easily import to your memoryKPR from multiple places, making it the perfect place to hold your most special memories.

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Future proof your memories

Don't rely on social media to preserve years of your memories, trust an expert, dedicated to you and your memory preservation. With memoryKPR we keep it protected, safe, and in an always viewable format, you just have to remember your password (but if you don't, we can help you with that too).
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Ready to create your first story?

Capture the whole experience of a memory

Add pictures with voice tags, video, text, or voice recordings. Craft your stories, like Grandma penning the back of a photo, capture who was there, why it was special and what made everyone laugh so hard. Invite others to add to your story with one easy link, or a unique QR code to get all the perspectives.

Keep your life's most important memories all in one spot

We've got you! Whether you need your photos converted, your drives sorted through, or your social media memories backed up - we can help you with all these things. You can spend your time making memories, and reminiscing on the ones you have already created, not worrying about organizing and protecting them. You'll have peace of mind knowing they are all in one spot, protected.

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Why memoryKPR?

A word from the founder


What Our Customers Are Saying

Paul Allen

Paul Allen

Founder of

I love the concept and I hope it spreads so that millions of people around the world can share their stories with people they love in a beautiful new way.

It feels like memoryKPR is technology with a soul.

Andrew K.

When my dad passed away, memoryKPR provided a place for family, friends, and even strangers to share beautiful stories with us. It warmed my heart to see everyone's memories of him.

Haley B.

We created a story on memoryKPR for my spouses milestone birthday. With one click I invited friends from all over the world, they found it so easy to contribute, and it was the best gift I could have given.

Carolyn O.

I've been adding to a memoryKPR for my daughter since she was born, I can't wait to show your future self all the crazy adorable things you did as a child. We've got some great contributions from family too.

Rhyann M.

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