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The Secret Adventurers' Club - Join Now!

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Jessica McNaughton

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Who doesn’t love a good secret? Who doesn’t love a great adventure?

Here is the thing about memoryKPR - we are obsessed with giving you the space to create, tell and honor your stories. We are 100% confident it will make a difference to you and also to the people who come after you. We believe in the power of stories - they connect us, and they make us better. We think the same of adventure. Adventure is like the petri-dish where good stories form and grow. Where one story overlaps with another and become one. When you reflect on the adventures you have embarked on, it is your adventure, but there are so many people you bump into along the way who are on their own adventure. Pretty soon you can imagine how it goes from a solo exertion to a club.

Some of my best memories are as a result of adventuring. I think adventure and I think of the people whose path I crossed along the way. I think of climbing Rundle Mountain in the Rocky Mountains, and I remember almost turning back, sure I wasn’t going to make it to the top. Then, I remember a complete stranger on her way down gave me the kind words and motivation to make it. I recall standing tall at the peak and thinking I wished I could tell her I made it. I think about the time I went to Thailand solo; I was ready to turn back before I ever boarded the plane. Tears rolling down my face, worried about leaving my 2-year-old in the name of a mini adventure. I think about the complete stranger who asked if I was ok, and proceeded to give me the best advice about why I should go. This man was clearly a businessman, travelling for work, and the wisdom he shared was unexpected. He told me part of being a good mom was doing things for myself sometimes too. He assured me that my son wouldn’t even remember and that he’d be fine. With just 4 people ahead of us in the customs line he told me I had a decision to make before the line proceeded. He said, “Either leave your sadness here on the runway where it will wait for you and go have the best time, or don’t go at all. Because if you go and carry this with you the whole time, it will be a wasted trip.” I went, I had an amazing time, and my son was fine. His only complaint was that he had cereal for supper once. Adventures are ours but they turn into incredible stories and memories when our adventures overlap with other people on their own adventures.

This summer we have asked some of our most adventurous memoryKPRs to help us start a club. We gave them stickers, asking them to place them on bulletin boards or poster walls around the country. We are just getting started, but we hope we can build a whole community of people, contributing their pictures, videos, or words about their adventure. You can follow along by viewing this link to see the contributions as they come in, or if you are going on an adventure of your own and you want to take a sticker to leave behind, we’d love to give you one. Please email us at with the subject line “Secret Club” and let us know where you are. We will get you a sticker to take on your adventure. You can always start a memoryKPR of your own for free – just sign up for an account, print the QR code, take it, and ask people you meet along the way to add to your adventure story. There is so much fun we can have together.

Aug 31, 2021

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