A Guide to Adding QR Codes to Your Products

A Guide to Adding QR Codes to Your Products

In an increasingly digital world, businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage customers and enhance their overall experience. A unique way to do this is by adding a QR code to your product packaging.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of incorporating QR codes into your products, and share some inspiration for how they can be used to elevate your brand and overall product experience. 

Why QR Codes?

Cost-Effective Communication

Instead of printing extensive information on product packaging, you can use QR codes to direct users to online resources. This not only saves on printing costs but also allows for dynamic and easily updatable content.If you use a publishing tool that is dynamic, it also allows you to change your messaging, season to season, without having to change your packaging. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

QR codes offer an interactive experience, enabling customers to access additional information, promotions, or multimedia content related to your product. By having a QR code that links directly to your memoryKPR account, your customer has access to real-time content created by your brand.

Some users even open a page up to hear from their customers, making the QR code a portal to a private community where you can share information, survey your users, and gather user-generated content in a way that far surpasses the engagement you’d experience on social media.

Easy Access to Important Information

By scanning a QR code, customers can quickly access relevant information about your product, your brand’s story, customer testimonials, and so much more. With an application like memoryKPR you can even share information that changes, recalls, seasonal promotions, or new products. 

Creating community and emotional connection

We are humans, and we make decisions based on emotion, linking stories to your product makes you and your product more relatable and more likeable. In this article, Harvard Business Review discusses just how big the payoff is when customers feel emotional commitments to your brands.

Customers' lifetime value increases by over 300 % when a customer feels emotionally committed to your brand, and they spend on average 38% more per visit when they feel they are part of a community. These benefits speak for themselves.

To date, brands have relied on social media to do this for them, but this report from HubSpot suggests consumers are sick of being sold to, they want to interact with brands in a more meaningful way. QR codes on product is a way to do that, to create a space for your customers to feel a part of a private community. The results of using a QR code to link to brand stories, tours, and insider information have led to increased sales, loyalty, user-generated content, and referrals. 

Here’s how to add a QR code to your brand’s product

Step 1: Define the purpose

Clearly identify the goal of your QR code. Whether it’s directing customers to your product, to customer reviews, an exclusive club, or to other information about your brand, a well-defined purpose will enhance the overall benefits a customer receives when they scan your QR code. 

Step 2: Customize your QR code

If you have a business account on the memoryKPR platform, you can brand and customize your QR code for free in the account. Simply click on Account > Business Profile > Company Icon to add your branding to the QR code. If you are using a microsite or landing page, instead of a more dynamic tool like memoryKPR to create your pages, you can find a QR code customizer solution online, or hire a designer to create one for you. 

Step 3: Download the QR code

Head over to the Invite or Share tab to find the “download QR code” button. Click on the button and the QR code will be saved to your device!

Step 4: Print on Product Packaging

Once your QR code has been created you can incorporate it into your product packaging or labels. 

Here’s some unique ways to elevate your product’s packaging with a QR code

Create Community

Share with your customers but also allow them to interact with each other, some of our clients have created communities where fans share how they use the product, give each other tips and compliments, and bond over a common love of your product. 

Gather Feedback or Conduct Surveys 

Collect valuable feedback and information from your customers by adding a QR code that links to a survey on your product.

Offer Discounts, Promotions or coupons to your loyal fans

Give your customers exclusive access to discount codes or coupons when they scan your QR code. 

Giveaways and contests

Encourage customers to scan your QR code with a giveaway! Giveaways are a great way to gain insights into your customer base and to engage your audience with your brand. 


Inspire your customers by sharing recipes that can be made using your product! This is a great way to highlight how your brand can be used by your customers. 

Collect user-generated content

Use a QR code to collect photos, videos, voice recordings, written reviews, and more from your customers. Your QR code can also link to a gallery of content collected from other users, so your customers can see your brand community. 

Your brand’s story

Share photos and videos of your brand’s history! A QR code is the perfect opportunity to tell your story directly to users without it getting lost in the noise of social media. 


Adding QR codes to your brand’s products opens up a world of possibilities for enhanced customer engagement and interaction and will give you a competitive edge over the competition. Using memoryKPR, with just the click of a button your customers can have access to your brand’s story, a gallery of content from your users, recipes, discount codes, and so much more.

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