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skydiving adventure

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Secret Adventurers' Club

Are you an adventurer? A wanderer? Why not join our club? By joining the club, you will receive a free Adventure Pack, helping the world's most adventurous people create memories together. Email us to join at hello@memoryKPR.com

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Riverview School Time Capsule

This school found a time capsule intended to be opened in 2004, and in 2022 when it was found, we offered to help. If you contribute to this capsule, email us for the password at info@memoryKPR.com, we think you'll love it. Click the contribute button in the story and give us an update.

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Cats vs Dogs

We are settling an important question that has been asked since the beginning of time… Cats or Dogs? Show us your vote by CONTRIBUTING a picture of your cat or dog. At the end of May, we will be naming a winner, add your email address to get to enter to win prizes too.

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What Women Want

Did you attend the What Women Want show in Regina, Sk? If you did, check here for your picture, if you didn’t check it out and see what you missed. Hopefully, we will see you in May for the Saskatoon Show!

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