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Capture and protect all the memories of your children as they grow. Pictures, videos, voices, sounds and words help craft a story worth protecting. Enjoy as you watch them grow, cherish as you reflect on how far they have come.

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I am a mom of two pretty fabulous kids. One of my children is in his 20's and another a teen. Since the time I knew I was expecting, I've been crafting stories for them. It started with letters, then journals, now memoryKPRs. I have letters and messages for my children, from members of the family we have lost throughout the years, as well as keep sakes and stories. I interviewed my children and recorded telling me about their hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes along the way. Over the years we have captured so many cherished memories, and created so many more reliving them. I created memoryKPR, with this in mind. I've taken everything I had for them and they each have a memoryKPR, when we gather, we always get lost in the memories together. They love that it is just for them and their memories, not likes, not follows.

I can honestly say, my children are better for having this beautiful way to be reminded of their past. They say as parents our job is to give them roots and wings, memoryKPR is a great way to give them roots. I sincerely hope you and your children find this process as meaningful as we have.

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Jessica McNaughton Founder and CEO, memoryKPR

Jessica McNaughton mom and founder of memoryKPR
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