How Jeep Built A Tribe of Loyal Customers - And How Your Brand Can, Too

How Jeep Built A Tribe of Loyal Customers - And How Your Brand Can, Too

For decades, the Jeep brand has cultivated a loyal and passionate tribe of customers who embody the spirit of adventure and exploration. From its storied history as a military vehicle during World War II to its iconic status in the world of off-road driving, Jeep has masterfully crafted a brand identity that resonates with a diverse community of outdoor enthusiasts. 

This blog aims to explore the key strategies that have allowed Jeep to build and maintain it’s tribe of devoted customers. 

Hosting events for the Jeep Community

Bringing people together for various activities is one of the best ways to foster a sense of community. That’s part of what creates sports fans: the ability to come together for games. Jeep Jamboree and Camp Jeep are two events used by Jeep to connect owners to the brand. 

Jeep Jamboree events take place all throughout the country over the course of the year, with the Rubicon Trail in California being the most well-known. The main focus of Jeep Jamboree gatherings is off-roading and meeting other Jeep owners. In 2018, Camp Jeep surpassed 2 million rides given to curious drivers. 

These events have allowed owners to share their culture and positive Jeep experiences with new tribe members, and truly embody the Jeep brand. These events are vital to keeping the Jeep spirit alive and ensuring it reaches new audiences year after year.

Jeep owners are willing to help out

A staple in Jeep culture is the owners of Jeep vehicles willing to help out those in need. There are Facebook groups composed of Jeep owners that help spread the word for those that need help. For example, during an especially bad snowstorm in the US, Jeep and others showed up to help pull cars off the ditch and drive people who were unable to get places due to the storm. 

This sense of shared responsibility keeps customers engaged and has turned many into loyal brand ambassadors that are proud of their membership within the Jeep community. 

Jeep has stayed true to its roots

Jeep has chosen to stay close to its military roots by going all out on Veteran’s Day and during Memorial Day Parades. By putting time and effort into being present at these parades, Jeep is reminding people of where the brand came from and signalling the importance of its ties to the military.

What can be learned from Jeep 

The story of Jeep and its dedicated tribe of ambassadors has many key takeaways for brands that are looking to do the same. 

Engage your customer base in rituals and traditions

Don’t be afraid to showcase and highlight your brand’s rituals and traditions; shared experiences help forge deep emotional connections between your brand and its customers. Your customer will also feel more engaged because they can support your brand and connect with other customers, thus making them feel even more included in your brand community.

Create a sense of exclusivity and customization 

Jeep has done a fantastic job of making you feel like you're part of an exclusive club. The community the brand has built makes those who are not in the club feel like they want to be a part of it, and creates a sense of urgency to join the club that you might not feel with other vehicle brands. 

Make sure your purpose is built to stand the test of time

Jeep was created during war to help people, and in the nearly 80 years since that purpose was forged, it hasn’t changed. The responsibility of Jeep owners to help others is alive and well today. If your brand can create a purpose that still appeals to people 80 years after it’s established, you’re going to have built a tribe of your own.


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