How To Make Money With memoryKPR

How To Make Money With memoryKPR

I still remember the day our community organized a local history night, where we showcased old photographs and shared stories about our town's past. The event brought us closer together and highlighted the importance of preserving and sharing our collective memories.

If you’re part of a business, community group, or nonprofit, you know how vital these stories are. At memoryKPR, we offer a platform that not only helps you preserve these narratives but also allows you to monetize them through donations or tips, turning your storytelling into a valuable revenue stream for your community.

Our platform is designed to make it easy for you to turn those captivating stories into a source of income. Here’s how you can get started.

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How to enable monetization on your memoryKPR story

First things first, create your memoryKPR account. Currently, our monetization features are exclusive to business users. Once you’re account is all set up, you'll have to create the story you want to monetize.

You’ll need a Stripe account to handle payments. Stripe is a trusted, secure payment processor that integrates smoothly with memoryKPR.

screenshot of monetization screen of memoryKPR account page
Click the Get Started button to link / create Stripe account

After setting up Stripe, link it to your memoryKPR profile. This ensures payments go directly to your bank account.

#2 Navigate to the story you want to monetize 

Now that Stripe is set up, we just need to enable monetization on the specific story to start collecting payments. The best part, you can enable monetization on as many stories as you wish!

#3 Enable monetization on the story

In the story settings, find and toggle the monetization feature to start accepting donations or selling premium content.

screenshot of story monetization settings in memorykpr
Ensure monetization settings are correct for your story before enabling!

The best part: Guests aren't required to have an account to donate either!

This reduces the friction of your community donating to your cause. However, please keep in mind that guests who have donated without being signed into a memoryKPR account will only have temporary access to any premium content they’ve unlocked.

Monetization Settings

Let's go through the various monetization settings available to your story.

Type of payment

memoryKPR currently offers two different methods of monetization for your stories: through donations or purchases.

screenshot of the payment type settings for story monetization


Donations are a flexible way for your audience to support your work.

  • Multiple Donations: Supporters can donate multiple times, allowing for continuous support over time. This is especially beneficial for ongoing projects, or fund raising campaigns that need sustained funding.
  • Optional Content Unlock: Donations are not required to offer premium content, which means you can keep your story accessible to all while still receiving financial support. This method works well if your primary goal is engagement and broad accessibility rather than exclusivity.

Benefits of Donations:

  1. Sustained Funding: Continuous donations can provide a steady stream of income for ongoing projects, especially since previous donors can donate again in the future.
  2. Engagement: Keeping content accessible encourages more people to view and share your story, potentially leading to more donations.


Selling premium content is another effective strategy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Single Purchase: Users make a one-time purchase to access the content.
  • Unlock Chapters: Premium content can be divided into chapters (or sections of your story) that users unlock. This method is perfect for serialized content or detailed exhibits that offer more in-depth information behind a paywall.

Benefits of Purchases:

  1. Exclusive Access: Offering premium content gives your audience something special, enhancing their experience and making them feel part of an exclusive community.
  2. Content Control: You control what content is available for free and what is paid, allowing you to strategically manage your resources and content availability.

Customize the design of the Monetization Window

Button Wording

screenshot showing customization of monetization button in memorykpr

Users can customize the button wording between "tip," "support," "purchase," or "donate." This allows you to match the terminology to your audience’s expectations and the nature of your content.

Custom Description

screenshot showing how custom descriptions look like in memorykpr

You can modify the description in the payment popup that guests see before they donate. This is your chance to add a personal touch and explain why their support matters.

Set your price


screenshot of the fixed price settings in memorykpr for offering premium content

Set a fixed price for your premium content. This creates a clear value proposition for your audience, making it straightforward for them to understand the cost and benefits.

Pay what you want

screenshot of the pay want you want settings look like in memorykpr

Donors can contribute any amount they choose. This flexibility makes it easy for supporters of all financial abilities to contribute, maximizing potential revenue.

Premium Content

Select the chapter you would like to lock behind a payment. The content within these chapters will not be visible unless the viewer has paid.

Get started!

Monetizing your stories on memoryKPR is a great way to generate revenue and support your mission. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to receiving donations or selling premium content in no time.

Ready to get started?

Create your memoryKPR account today and enable monetization on your stories. Share your narratives, inspire your audience, and watch your community grow with the support you deserve.

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