What is Brand Storytelling?

What is Brand Storytelling?

You might have heard the word “brand storytelling” recently, but do you know what it actually means? 

Brand Storytelling Definition

Brand storytelling uses a narrative to establish a connection between your company and its audience, with an emphasis on tying your values to those of your audience.

Essentially, it’s how your brand can differentiate itself from competitors and create a loyal following. 

Here’s why storytelling benefits your brand

It makes you stand OUT!

In today's cutthroat market, it's essential to set your company apart from rivals. It’s also especially important to find a way to make it through the noise of social media.

In fact, 55% of consumers are more likely to remember a story than a generic ad that just lists facts. Your company can stand out by expressing your story in an interesting and memorable way. 

It hits your customers in their feels

Storytelling is the key to unlocking customer engagement because it allows them to identify with the protagonist of a story.

Customers are able to feel what that protagonist is feeling - the joy, the sadness, the suspense, the belonging and are able to make a strong connection based on their given emotions. In short, we are creatures driven by emotions, and our emotions drive us more than any statistic or fact ever will!

Your customers will have a hard time forgetting you

Plain and simple, stories are more memorable than traditional advertising messages.

When people encounter a compelling story, they are more likely to remember it and share it with others. Researchers at the London School of Business reached a similar conclusion.

They found that people only retain 5%-10% of information if it consists of statistics alone. However, when they hear a story, people remember upward of 65%-70%! By crafting a compelling brand story, you drastically increase your chances of making a lasting impression on your target audience. 

It helps you build a tribe 

When customers connect with your brand on an emotional level through storytelling, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty and become brand ambassadors for your business.

Use your story to create a deep emotional connection by starting conversations, asking questions, and involving your audience on an authentic level. Instead of being just a product or service, turn your brand into an experience customers can consume – they’ll be way more likely to come back, show their support, and join your brand’s tribe. 

Why is brand storytelling the future of marketing? 

In today’s world, marketing and exposure is no longer the way to beat out your competitors. Consumers are now holding brands accountable and are actively looking to support brands that have a clear purpose, vision, and who are effective in telling and sharing their story with customers.

Storytelling is the key to humanizing your brand and making a deep, lasting connection with customers. 

So, in an increasingly competitive landscape, we challenge you to dare to be the brand that is authentically human.

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