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Here's what you need to know about our latest feature:

Our brand new feature allows you to leave comments on pieces of media within a memoryKPR story. Actively engage customers in your brand's story by amplifying their voices in a whole new way!

Here’s why the ability to comment positively impacts your brand:

  1. Comments increase engagement. When customers are given the ability to interact with media, they are more likely to actually increase with pieces of content, rather than passively interacting with them

  1. Comments build connections within your brand community. Customers are not only able to form deep connections with your brand, but with other customers too! Comments enable customers to connect with like-minded individuals, which in turn strengthens the overall loyalty customers have with your brand. 

  1. Comments let your customers build and craft your story. When customers are engaged in the story-building process, they are more likely to relate to the story being told. In addition, your brand is going to be perceived as more authentic when genuine customer contributions are integrated into your brand story. 

  1. Comments provide an easy mechanism for customer reviews and feedback. Comments are a real-time system for gathering reviews and relevant feedback. They are also an effective way to respond to customers and to ensure their voices are being amplified. 

Here’s how comments work (we promise it’s not rocket science!)

  1. Head over to the Settings > Privacy Tab

  2. Toggle to enable comments (don’t forget to click save!)

  3. Your pieces of media should now have a small comment icon at the bottom of them. Click the icon to view/ add comments!

  4. Enjoy as the comments start to roll in!

Have a question or are interested in learning more? Book a demo HERE to find out more!

Sep 28, 2023
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